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Factors that influence the organization of major football events

Football’s popularity in modern times revolves around the great passion of the fans and the successful organization of the major events. From all across the globe, the people with their differences identify with the football teams from respective regions and countries. The most happening aspect that binds all the people together is the pomp and show of the great football events with the utmost grandeur. Entertainment through football offers a lot of space to the football fans to celebrate the differences. Many systemic advances in the form of Technological advancements and other global processes like government policies affect football growth. FIFA is the recognized international football organization in charge of governing football and other games such as futsal and soccer. Individual countries have their national associations that run local football activities.

The major factors affecting the organization and conduction of major football events are government policies, economic factors, as well as technological factors:

Government Policy

The government is involved in football activities in a variety of ways. The major domains it affects are the promotion of public order, maintenance of health fitness in the form of promotion of the sport, and the addition of value to the nation. The government also seeks to reproduce values consistent with the main ideology of the society. All in all, it promotes the economic and social development of the sport in society by granting it a status that is recognized by all the citizens.

The government usually wishes to thrive on football’s popularity to seek recognition and prestige, as it is a beloved sport of host of citizens. It designs policies that are friendly to the conduction of football events to pave the way to its followers’ goodwill. For example, governments provide hardcore training programs to help the teams perform excellently in international tournaments where the government’s image is at stake.

The following are how government policies can affect the conduction of major football events across the world:

  • It plays a major role in ensuring that there is access given to different types of sports activities, including football events. This is done by the distribution of funding and the tax payer’s money to the football organizations that conduct these events.
  • Government funding determines the development of grassroots sports like the upcoming football teams and clubs in their nascent developing stage.
  • Their policies also imply the health of players’ population and productivity as the funding can act as an incentive for them to develop with dedication.
  • The government money spent on grassroots sports helps save money on healthcare initiatives and develops football as a sport.
  • Without the facilitation of the government policies, especially in the major events of football, they would cease to have a systematic and organized national and state structure. They would be chaotic and lie at the risk of disappearing.

Economic Factors

Varied participation in most sports events, including football events, includes only around two percent of the individual’s income. A lot of economic factors determine the affordability to be a part of these football events and other recreational activities. These factors include the employment ratios in the country, the interest rates, and the taxes charged by the government on the tickets of these events. There are times when the national economy suffers a slowdown. In this case, there is less spent by people on recreational activities, especially the expensive international football events.

The economic factors determine the conduction of these football events in a significant way. For example, the nation conducting a football event like the World Cup has to be significantly sound in terms of economic capabilities. Hosting an event requires a lot of investment, as it involves a lot of grandeur. Thus, if the nation does not have sufficient resources to fund the welcoming of numerous clubs and their players in a respective way, it affects the standing of the nation in the international arena significantly.

The policies taken up by the government affect the conduction of the major events in football and other games as well as other the level of citizen participation in being spectators of major regional, national and international football events.

Technological Factors

A host of technological advancements has had an important part to play in the globalization and commercialization of football as a sport. All the football organizations and their techniques of conduction of football events have developed tremendously with technological advancements.

The major events broadcasted live in the game of football are the most important technical aspect adding value to its globalization. Technology is now helping football to do away with the need to be physically present to witness the football game’s thrill. Like the UEFA champions’ league, all the major football events at the international level have a spectator count of more than a million people, which can be credited to the development of satellite connectivity.

  • A lot of football organizations are befitted from the sale of various types of broadcasting rights. The broadcasters doing that also benefit from the exercise. The increased popularity is one such domain. The fans benefit from the process, too, as they are able to feel the thrill of every goal at the comfort of their living spaces and in social gatherings like pubs and clubs.
  • The broadcasting is done in the language of the regions and the country where it is being shown, which promotes the culture of nationality along with global diversity. It adds a lot of value to the unity of all the football fans all across the globe.
  • The art football stadiums are an upcoming space promoted with technological advancements. They are fitted with turf, floodlights, and other equipment, including cameras.

Together with these aspects, football has developed to be an international sport that has a lot of fan following. The football fans are bound together by the host of football events at the regional, national as well as international level.


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