The Latest Fantasy Football Rankings Week 16

The Latest Fantasy Football Rankings: Week 16

Fantasy football has become very popular, and people create fake teams and fantasy football pickups select real players to earn points based on the performance of footballers on the field. If the fake team earns more points than the other one’s fake team, it will be considered the winning team. In a fantasy league, all needed is the player’s luck with a fake team with preparation before the game by following few guidelines and can be highlighted in your friend’s group. Seek out advice you can trust, know the rules of your league’s scores, think wisely about which player you should take in the first round, and not all fantasy positions are equal. Each player scores a rank in the league as a fantasy footballer rankings list, the lower the number means the opponent is tough, and the higher the number easier the opponent. Let’s have a look at the week 16 fantasy rankings list.

The player’s name in the latest fantasy footballers rankings of week 16 is as follows

  1. Patrick Mahomes
  2. Aaron Rodgers
  3. Lamar Jackson
  4. Kyler Murray
  5. Jalen Hurts
  6. Josh Allen
  7. Ryan Tannehill
  8. Deshaun Watson
  9. Tom Brady
  10. Justin Herbert
  11. Russell Wilson
  12. Mitchell Trubisky
  13. Drew Brees
  14. Jared Goff
  15. Matt Ryan
  16. Kirk Cousins
  17. Philip Rivers
  18. Tua Tagovailoa
  19. Ben Roethlisberger
  20. Matthew Stafford
  21. Teddy Bridgewater
  22. Derek Carr
  23. Baker Mayfield
  24. Cam Newton
  25. Drew Lock
  26. Andy Dalton
  27. C.J. Beathard
  28. Dwayne Haskins
  29. Daniel Jones
  30. Mike Glennon
  31. Sam Darnold
  32. Brandon Allen

In the fantasy finals, Patrick Mahomes gets a Falcons Defense as the most quarterback fantasy points. The week 16 fantasy rankings are based on four-point based on the players’ performance on the field. From the fantasy footballers rankings, Patrick is playing for KC vs ATL, Aaron for GB vs TEN, Deshun for HOU vs CIN, Tom for TB @ DET, Kyler for ARI vs SF, Justin for LAC vs DEN, from the week 16 fantasy rankings Josh for BUF @ NE, Lamar for BAL vs NYG, Drew for NO vs MIN, Jalen for PHI @ DAL, Ryan for TEN @ GB, Russell for SEA vs LAR, Mitchell Trubisky for SHI @ JAX, Jared for LAR @ SEA, Tua for MIA @ LV, Matthew for DET vs TB, from the fantasy footballers rankings Matt for ATL @ KC, Ben for PIT vs IND, Kirk for MIN @ NO, Baker for CLE @ NYJ, Philip for IND @ PIT, Drew for DEN @ LAC, Sam for NYJ vs CLE, Derek for LV vs MIA, Brandon for CIN @ HOU, Andy for DAL vs PHI, from the fantasy footballers rankings Dwayne for WAS vs CAR, Cam for NE vs BUF, Teddy for CAR @ WAS, C.J. for SF @ ARI, Daniel for NYG @ BAL, Mike for JAX vs CHI.

Big Outings on Fantasy Football Rankings: Week 16

In the week 16 fantasy rankings four wild games have featured big outings – Tom Brady, Mike Evans, Rob Gronkowski, Jeff Wilson Jr. From the fantasy footballers rankings few disappointments have been seen – DeAndre Hopkins, Kyler Murray, Marvin Jones. The footballers in the fantasy football league cannot deficit the championship as it is not officially won or lost. The weekly routine in checking the injuries and weather forecasting, second-guessing lineup decisions is in full effect. Very few footballers want to take chances at quarterback if they reached the championship game. A few situations stand out in the Week 16 fantasy rankings but the chances are you cannot rely on a sleeper.

From the fantasy footballers rankings list, you can get a couple of legit players for a streamer – Jalen Hurts @ Cowboys, Mitchell Trubisky @ Jaguars, Tua Tagovailoa @ Raiders. In the week 16 fantasy rankings the matchups are fantastic, and these three have the running ability to raise their floors through their legs. The two other borderline players from the fantasy footballers rankings list are Baker Mayfield @ Jets and Jared Goff @ Seahawks.

In the week 16 fantasy rankings list Jalen had at least 60 rushings yards in two starts and has a high floor in any matchup. He threw 338 yards last week and faced a Cowboys defense, and he always commits turnovers with high-floor, high-ceiling options. Russell Wilson has an average of 210.8 passing yards and 1.5 passing TDs per game and helped his floor with 35 rushing yards per game in the span with seven turnovers. From the fantasy footballers rankings list Jared Goff continued his maddening play last week with just 209 yards and two TDs against the Rams. He accounted for two TDs with the decent floor.

Mitchell Trubisky in the fantasy footballers rankings list regains starter’s role finance four games as he has averaged 244.5 passing yards, two passing TDs, and 18.3 rushing yards. Matthew Stafford played through his rib injury last week and finished with a touchdown strike to Marvin Jones. He averaged 252 yards and one TD. Matt Ryan averaged 224 yards, TD, three INTs against the Chargers who has averaged 356 yards, three TDs, and zero INTs against Tampa from the fantasy football pickups.

From the fantasy footballers rankings list Ryan Tannehill has remained a steady, high-floor producer, scores at least two TDs in two games. Tannehill had post 250 yards and two TDs at a minimum with his shootout potential to go for post-QB1-caliber stats. Ben Roethlisberger allowed three straight 300 yard passers, also he had been aired out 44.5 times per game from week 7 to week 14. He has a decent floor but struggling with the turnovers. He might be more efficient and reliable than Goff, Tua, Stafford, or Ryan but his ceiling is not as high as needed for the matchup.


As it is clear that the fantasy football league is a football game in which fantasy football pickups real players for fake teams to earn points. In the United States, this game is very popular among football fans who show the potential to play the fantasy football league with their real favorite players.


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