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Who Is In A Football Team Backroom Staff And What They Do?

Every sport has a team associated with it. Not just the playing team, there is also a backroom team like the Football backroom staff which is instrumental in everything that the team achieves. This team is the backbone of the players. They manage many aspects of the sport. There are many factors while playing a game which needs to be perfectly put together for a memorable match. This Football backroom staff takes care of all these things to ensure that the team is able to give their best shot.

The Assistant Manager

The assistant manager is the right hand of the manager of a Football team. He/she is the person who does all that he can to ensure that the team and the manager are working in proper synchronization. The manager is the one who has many tasks of responsibility. An assistant manager helps him/her out in those tasks. He/she is involved in selecting the players, and sometimes, some assistant managers also take an active part in the training of the Football team. However, some believe that it is not a part of their job and rely on the coaches for the training programs.

Chief Analyst

The analysis is the process by which one can determine how the team has performed in a certain game. This analysis helps the team and the Team staff in preparing a game plan and build strategies accordingly. The Chief Analyst has the power of making changes and amendments to the training programs of the players for better performance. The Football backroom staff works in collaboration with the chief analyst. The Football analyst reports to the manager of the team. He/she also needs to manage and interpret the statistics that are generated during the game. The Team staff needs these statistics for future use.

Fitness Coach

Fitness is the soul of sports. Every player needs to be fit, both physically and mentally, in order to play the game and hopefully win it. The fitness coach of the Football Backroom team is of great importance. There are various exercises that one needs to do on a daily basis. The fitness coach is supposed to take care that the players take these exercises on a regular basis so that their fitness quotient never falls short. The Football backroom staff relies a lot on the fitness coach.


No sport is devoid of injuries. There are many on-field injuries that take place, and they can cause a lot of harm. The physiotherapist is someone who is always available with the Football Backroom team to help the players in case of any injuries. They have knowledge of the human anatomy and structure of the bones. This helps them in relieving the players from the pain.


Injuries in football account to several hospitalizations, surgeries and immense pain. All of this can be avoided by one person called the masseur. A masseur is the one who has good knowledge of giving massages and relieving pain. He/she can help the Football backroom staff maintain the good health of the players.


Football is incomplete and impossible without a strong Football backroom staff, including the Football analyst. All of these people help in putting up a winning game. You can find more information about football staff and what they do at ESPN site.


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